Quality Low Slope Roofing (Flat Roofs)

A roof that is almost flat and is often seen on commercial buildings is referred to as a low-slope roof. No roof should technically be flat. They may appear to be flat from the ground, but each roof should have a built in slope to account for water drainage.

There are many problems that can arise with low slope roofing. These problems have to do with leak areas and the difficult process of finding them. A commercial roof should have absolutely no areas of standing water. Standing water is a sure sign of a problem and can be caused by sagging roof decking or poor draining planning.

To better serve our clients our commercial sales representatives prepare a thorough plan of action for each individual project. This plan explains all of the options that are available when it comes to material choices and which types suit your construction or restoration needs. When it comes to commercial roofing, our goal is to supersede your expectations!

Get the best quality and longevity from our Commercial Sales Representatives for your commercial roofing project!

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Property owners are often convinced that repairing a low-slope roof is not the best options. We at Riverside Roofing Pros differ. We find that an effective repair done by a reputable company can save the owner money, time, and stress.

Most commercial low-slope roofing repairs take less than one business day to complete. When it comes to price, a repair is far cheaper than a replacement. Riverside Roofing Pros guarantees their work. We offer free inspections and damage evaluations and our estimates are valid for 60 days! Sometimes there are defective materials on the roof; this does not mean that a total replacement is needed. It just means that a repair will fix the problem.

To maintain the integrity of your roof it’s important that damaged shingles or flashing materials be fixed as soon as possible. This will prevent water penetration and eventual wood rot that could lead to structural damage within the roof and property.

Old and damaged roof jack flashings or boots also allow for water penetration. A simple replacement can fix this problem.

Chimneys that are 30 inches or more in width require a cricket or a small saddle roof structre to be installed at the back of the chimney. This cricket helps shift water around the chimney and stops the water from pooling as well as the accumulation of leaves and debris that’s found behind the chimney structure.

Flat roofing materials often require extensive repairs or replacements. A common problem occurs when the seams lose their adhesive bond and the surface of the material becomes damaged because of the heat and age. This is what results in the alligator skin appearance.

There are various methods for effectively repairing low sloped/no sloped roofs or flat roofing. Unfortunately it only takes on bad contractor for a property owner to realize how valuable a reputable reliable contractor is. This is why it is so important to check companies out before hiring them to do any project. Shop around and see what the competition is like. This way you are guaranteeing quality and professionalism.

Often times we are able to successfully repair a portion or the entire surface of a flat roof, however, moisture and structural evaluations must be done to ensure that the roof has not met the end of its useful life. Many times owners are convinced that their flat roof is un-repairable due to the lack of knowledge in today’s roofing restoration options for Low-Slope and Steep-Slope roofing. Riverside Roofing Pros will provide free estimates and damage inspections by one of our in-house licensed insurance adjusters. All construction estimates provided by Riverside Roofing Pros are valid for a period of sixty (60) days, unless otherwise noted


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