Weatherproofing Services

The weather here in Riverside and the Inland Empire can take a toll on your home. Proofing your home’s structure against water damage and extreme weather is a good investment, since your roof and exterior walls are the primary barrier that protect your home.

Both water and the extreme heat of the Inland Empire can be a serious threats to the architectural strength of your home if your roofing system is not fully equipped to handle it. Whether you have a home or a commercial property, it is very important that your roofing system is safe, secure, and dependable.

At Champion Weatherproofing, we are experts in making sure that your current rooftop system is well-equipped to deal with any potential weather problems that may affect your property. Our professional roofing experts will perform a no-cost evaluation to determine the level of protection your roof and walls are currently giving you from water leaks. Then, we will offer and implement solutions so that your roof system is safeguarded from any sort of water leakage or weather related problems.

Champion Weatherproofing services and products include:

  • exterior building restoration
  • caulking and sealants
  • sandblasting and cleaning
  • epoxy injections
  • water-blasting
  • chemical grouting
  • membrane application
  • tuck-pointing
  • masonry and concrete restoration
  • specialty coatings and water repellents

All of these measures are designed to keep your home or property safe and secure from any potential water damage.

Contact us at today to schedule a free, in-home assessment of your roofing system and learn how our expert waterproofing services can help your home maintain its structural integrity and stay free of water leaks for years to come.